Education, Training and Careers

Education, training and careers are fundamental in establishing communities and places that thrive. Having self-belief and the tools and skills to make informed choices, means we can be successful on our own terms, which in turn positively impacts the health and wealth of the whole community. We work with primary school children, young people and adults to enable them to recognise their abilities, raise aspirations and improve their quality of life. We do this by connecting people to the best solution for them at the time. It can be achieved through training, accredited qualifications, employment opportunities or specialist programmes designed for specific user groups.
Positive Footprints, works in collaboration with education providers to develop career-based learning programmes in partnership with local businesses.

Delivered across the educational journey, from primary school and Further Education, the programmes aim to inspire, prepare, and support young people to explore the world of business, get thinking about their future careers and raise aspirations.

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The Learning Foundry, are passionate about helping people and businesses achieve their full potential. Whether it's helping someone to start or progress in their career or supporting a business to recruit new staff or upskill their workforce, The Learning Foundry are a full-service training provider with the knowledge and experience to suit individual needs.

The Learning Foundry work on the basis that everyone is different, and this is something to be embraced to make whatever that talent is, shine!

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The National Communities and Resource Centre (NCRC) is based at Trafford Hall in Cheshire. The NCRC work to support individuals, families, communities, and anchor organisations like the housing sector, to tackle issues at a local level.

The mission of the NCRC is to close the inequality gap by providing the skills and resources for people to make changes at a local level and influence national policy.

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