Grove Street Regeneration Project

On 22 March 2022, Liverpool Council's Planning Committee approved The Regenda Group’s application for the regeneration of Grove Street, Liverpool. This project aims to transform the Grove Street area by creating new homes, and a green, diverse and multi-generational neighbourhood where residents can thrive.

New High-Quality Homes

As part of the regeneration project, Regenda Homes are replacing existing social rent properties with new, low carbon homes.

The development includes 304 high quality, affordable homes along with three commercial units and a community space.

All existing 144 social rent properties will be replaced with the addition of other housing options including affordable rent, private rent, outright sale and Rent to Buy.

Resident Engagement

In May 2018, The Regenda Group began a consultation exercise with Regenda Homes residents living in Grove Street, Liverpool, on our redevelopment plans.

We appointed independent community engagement company, We Make Places, to meet with residents and hear their views on our plans for the area. All existing residents will have the choice to move back to Grove Street, once the new social rent homes are completed.

Transforming Public Spaces

The regeneration of Grove Street will breathe new life into the area.

The development includes commercial spaces offering jobs, and attractive public spaces contributing to the health and wellbeing of local residents.

New buildings will be set in a lush green landscape designed around the existing mature trees and we will also create a public ‘pocket park’ for the local community. There will be extensive cycle storage throughout the scheme and some blocks will have living roofs that will naturally insulate buildings, reduce Greenhouse gas emissions and provide a habitat for insects and birds.

Social Impact and Community Engagement

Education, training and careers are fundamental in establishing communities and places that thrive, and The Regenda Group is committed to raising aspirations and creating meaningful employment opportunities which enable people to improve their quality of life.

The ‘Positive Footprints Raising Aspirations’ programme, will work with local schools including St Anne’s Catholic Primary School to engage young people in the project. Raising aspirations programmes are designed to open up the world of work to young people. The construction of the Grove Street site will provide a wealth of opportunities for those children to see and be involved with the professions that help make a regeneration project like this come to life.

Our partnership with PLACED will engage secondary school children from the area in the build environment. The programme has been designed to engage young people in the construction, design and development of their communities. Empowering a new generation to contribute to the development of their neighbourhoods.

The Learning Foundry will work with adults as part of the development project to offer a range of employability-based training and apprenticeship opportunities directly linked to the regeneration project.

Construction and Design Details

M&Y Maintenance and Construction began the demolition of existing homes in June 2023, and began construction of 89 new homes in September 2023.

The new energy-efficient homes for social rent will be a mixture of one, two and three bedroom apartments and three and five bedroom houses.

The new homes have been designed by shedkm and Metropolitan Workship architects.

Future Phases

It is currently proposed that the Grove Street re-development will take place in five stages.

Properties in future phases will be let, sold and managed by Redwing. Redwing is an award-winning property company based in Liverpool City Centre and is part of The Regenda Group.

Once completed the development will be one of Liverpool’s largest residential schemes to be completed in the past 100 years. Helping the city to continue its constant reinvention and ensuring quality and affordable housing for the people of Liverpool.
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