The Regenda Group becomes founding member of Liverpool Citizens

liverpool citizens pre-founding assembly leaflet

The Regenda Group is proud to be a founding member of Liverpool Citizens and part of the Sponsoring Committee alongside civic organisations from across the city.

Over 200 representatives from across the city – institutions from faith, education, health, housing, community groups and charities – came together to talk about the power of community organising for positive change. What stood out was an emphasis on diversity, inclusion and the voice of young people being key for the future of the city. 

Citizens UK is a people-powered alliance of diverse local communities working together for the common good. Community organising has been used across the country to affect change such as zebra crossings outside primary schools to reopening renovated public toilets in cemeteries. One of the biggest campaign impacts in the UK was the Living Wage campaign, with £1.8 billion of wages won for low-paid workers. 

The Liverpool chapter will work to the national mission – to develop local leaders, strengthen local organisations and to make change. Already more than 40 people have attended leadership development and training with a focus on taking action to affect real change. 

Lesley Penton, Director of Partnerships at The Regenda Group co-chaired the evening alongside Maxine Ennis, CEO of Rotunda

Lesley said: “It was an emotional night St George’s Hall. I left feeling hopeful for all that we can achieve together. We heard from young people talking about democracy, safety and hope alongside the ‘power-house’ that is Father Peter Morgan and his experiences of bringing change to communities over the last 40 years. 

“Thank you to everyone who came I hope you were inspired and left feeling hopeful for the future of our city our communities and our people.” 

So, what next? Liverpool Citizens is on a mission to develop local leaders, with residential and virtual training taking place over the next few months. The Sponsoring Committee is working towards a founding assembly in the summer and a listening campaign to provide the basis for community action on local issues.  

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