Celebrating 20 years of The Regenda Group!

This image displays the different parts of the Regenda Group, Celebrating 20 years of the Regenda

The Regenda Group turned 20 this year and we could not have achieved this incredible milestone without the support and dedication of our staff. 

To celebrate their role in the impact they make towards delivering our core purpose, regenerating place and creating opportunities for people, we held the 2021 Staff Conference! 

As with last year due to the pandemic, the conference was a virtual affair. Streamed live to everyone across the Group. 

Staff logged on to witness a feast of entertainment and interaction! The conference included awards for the best performing teams, individual recognition for values champions via staff-to-staff nominations, and what Christmas would not be complete without a panto! “Oh no it wouldn’t!!” 

The panto was created in collaboration with AftaThrought and Collective Digital. We worked closely with them to make sure (as with all good pantos) the fun was none-stop but the moral of the story was clear – our customers are at the centre of all we do. 

Being customer centred is a massive part of what drives our culture across the Regenda Group. Whether working in our domestic abuse charity, Centre 56, or Housing Association Regenda Homes or in the construction sector through M&Y, each and every member of staff works hard to build services around the needs of those customers.

Nina Peters. Director of Innovation and Brand and lead on the new Regenda Customer Centric Strategy said:

“Having a customer-centric culture empowers our employees to deliver the best customer experience possible. Our staff get excited about how they can help us maintain and improve customer service, and the annual staff conference is just one of the ways we try to recognise this. The event also gives us the opportunity to take stock and recognise all the brilliant things that have happened, listen to our colleagues and celebrate success!” 

Throughout the year, staff from across all the subsidiary organisations of the Group where interviewed about what motivates them to come to work at the Regenda Group. This insight was captured in a short film which premiered at the conference. The film highlights how our organisations and individuals are all unique, but when we combine forces, we are #OneTeamRegenda, working together to make a bigger impact for people and place. 

Watch the Regenda 20 video here: Celebrating 20 Years of The Regenda Group 

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