Positive Footprints celebrate the impact Housing makes at Europe’s largest housing conference

School children from Monksdown Primary on stage at the CIH conference

Positive Footprints, part of the Regenda Group, is a charity which connects housing and other professions to primary school children. Through this network Positive Footprints opens up the world of work to empower children to build the skills and confidence they need to realise their potential.  

By working with employers, Positive Footprints bring different professions into the classroom so that young people get to question, see, and try different career paths for themselves (on their turf!). 

The invitation to speak at Housing23 provided an opportunity for Positive Footprints to celebrate the role of the housing sector in supporting their local neighbourhoods and increasing aspiration in schools.  

According to the Positive Footprint’s Impact Report, in 2023 alone, 11,000 children from 300 schools accessed the programme. Many of these schools where sponsored and supported by local Housing Associations, including Cobalt Housing, who sponsor the Raising Aspirations Programme in Monksdown Primary School in Liverpool. 

As an organisation that puts children first, Positive Footprints organised for the pupils of Monksdown Primary to lead the keynote session! 

The pupils took over the stage to report the ‘breaking positive news’ about how the housing is the major contributor to the raising aspiration programme. Through a range of interactive activities like career carousels and careers in the classroom and visiting diverse places of work, young people are now realising the vast range of careers available to them in the housing sector and beyond. 

Lesley Burrows, Positive Footprints Managing Director, said,  

“It is truly inspiring to witness the power of young voices and the impact they can have. I firmly believe that children are the future leaders and change-makers we need, but they can only be what they can see. By providing them with platforms to express themselves, we can open up a world of possibilities and ensure they are aware of the variety of careers available in their futures. The collaboration between our partner housing associations, and schools has enabled us to raise the aspirations of 11,000 young people and ignite the spark within young minds, but there’s more to do.” 

Claire Griffiths CEO of Cobalt Housing said, 

“We have worked with Positive Footprints for over 4 years and over that time have come to realise the valuable role that Housing providers like us have to play in developing partnerships with schools to help pave the way for the next generation’s success in work and hopefully our sector. We are proud of what the children of Monksdown Primary have achieved, not just on the stage here at Housing23, but in seeing their self-confidence and ambition grow throughout the aspirations programme.” 

Watch the pupils of Monksdown’s ‘Positive News show’ in the short video: 

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