Environmental, Social & Governance Report

April 2020 to March 2021

We’re committed to regenerating places to create opportunities where all can thrive. We deliver this through the provision of housing and construction services, care and support and in the offering of employment, training and careers opportunities.

This report details how we consider environmental, social and governance factors in the delivery of our vision.
The Regenda Group is made up of nine companies that work together to regenerate places to create opportunities where all can thrive. The Group operates across three main sectors:


More than 90%

By 2030, we will invest £10 million into our homes to ensure that, where possible, all will have an EPC rating of C.

More than 98%

In 2020/21, we built 124 new homes. Around 122 of these have an EPC rating of B or above


regenda group working team up with peel

Reducing C02 Emissions

M&Y Maintenance and Construction, part of The Regenda Group, has recently produced its ESG strategy. As part of their three year plan, they aim reduce CO2 emissions and waste, use sustainable materials in all aspects of their work and promote environmental awareness to staff.

Combating flooding

Our homelessness charity, Petrus, provides residential and day support services to people who are homeless or in housing need. As part of their offer, Petrus runs a community allotment, PIER, in the heart of Rochdale, which aims to improve wellbeing through social prescribing activities. Petrus PIER has exhibited back-to-back gardens at the RHS Flower Show Tatton Park in 2019 and 2021. Amid climate change concerns and the impact of local flooding, their 2021 garden was designed by a team of service users, volunteers and staff to reflect the need to go back to nature to support flood resilience. 'Full Circle' focused on our relationship with water and the ways we can work with it, using technology to support communities to go back to nature for sustainable solutions. The garden, which won a Bronze Medal from RHS judges and the People’s Choice Award, explored rain systems and features that can be achieved in almost any garden to reduce water runoff and plants that can cope with very wet conditions. To support their vision to end homelessness, Petrus continues to work to address climate change and find local solutions to improve health and wellbeing in the community. At the Greater Manchester Green Summit 2021, they talked about the Natural Environment, sharing the impact and importance of social prescribing activity.
echo building at trafford hall

100% renewable sources energy

Trafford Hall is powered by renewable energy, getting its heating, lighting and hot water from sustainable sources, including wind, waves, tides, running water, solar and biological sources. These sources do not use fossil fuels and therefore have no negative impact. Trafford Hall retains the heat produced within the building though deep insulation, using a recycled newspaper product called Warmcell.

The majority of windows at Trafford Hall are located on the south side of the building, increasing the benefits of the sun’s heat. Electricity at Trafford Hall is supplied by a company that guarantees that the power they provide is generated from 100% renewable sources, and uses low energy lighting wherever possible. Solar water collectors are used to heat water to the building. 


of our new developments (124 new homes) offered affordable housing options.
3% of homes provided supported housing
5% of homes were affordable rent
34% of properties provided low-cost home ownership
58% of homes were for older people

£13.6m in social value

In 2020/21, we generated £13.6 million in social value across The Regenda Group. Of this £13.6 million:

£3.1 million in training, education and skills outputs

£9.2 million in creating safe, sustainable tenancies and communities

£37,500 in environmental outputs

Resident involvement

Our residents made a huge impact on the services we deliver. As a result of feedback received, we have:

Established a rents and service charges to review our processes and communication for this service area

Added additional functionality to our portal to allow residents to provide feedback online and manage arrears

Instructed trades staff to leave a calling card when a repair has been completed within a communal area

In 2020/21, 462 Regenda Homes residents got involved with improving our services. Of these 462 residents:


Customer Inspectors ensured we delivered out Service Promises.


Mystery Shoppers completed a short survey when they had used our services.


Followed our involved Facebook page, Regenda Residents Voice.


Sat on our Scrutiny Panel, working closely with staff to review services and performance and suggest improvements.


Sat on our complaints panel, reviewing complaints and our responses, looking at our performance against targets and acting as an independent representative on cases that had been escalated to Stage 2.

Resident feedback

We carried out two consultations on new developments in Liverpool and Fleetwood. As a result of feedback from residents, we submitted two planning applications for our regeneration proposals on Grove Street, Liverpool and on the West View estate in Fleetwood, where we want to build around 400 new homes across the two regions.

The future of resident involvement

We’ve produced a Resident Charter, which outlines what residents should expect from Regenda Homes as your landlord. We asked a random selection of residents for their feedback, and used this to finalise the Charter.

We have also reviewed our ‘Resident Voice Strategy’ to better reflect our updated and enhanced offer and to incorporate guidance from the White Paper and the National Housing Federation (NHF) Together With Tenants Charter. We again randomly selected residents to be part of an online consultation on how we will deliver this strategy. We will begin recruiting for our Resident Voice Panel, and hope to have 10 residents from Regenda Homes and Redwing in place and feeding back on our services by April 2022.

Housing Ombudsman Panel

Two Regenda Homes residents have been selected to sit on the Housing Ombudsman Resident Panel, made up of only 100 people in the whole of England. Chris Oldroyd and Keith Vallance will provide feedback on services received and support in the development of Housing Ombudsman services.

STAR survey

We carried out a number of surveys in 2020/21 to gather feedback on a range of topics, including satisfaction surveys and consultations on new housing developments. Our annual STAR survey was sent to a random selection of Regenda Homes residents via email or telephone. The STAR survey allows us to measure satisfaction with our services and our performance against other similar sized housing associations. In 2020/21, 1,382 residents responded to the STAR survey, with 75% saying they were satisfied with the service they received from Regenda Homes. In 2018 (the last time we carried out a STAR survey), 79% of residents were satisfied with the service they received.We want our customers to trust us to do the right thing by them, deliver what we say we will and care about them. We have created a customer centric strategy that aims to put our customers at the centre of everything we do. We will design our services with the customer experience at the forefront of our mind and will use customer feedback to drive continuous improvement.

We carry out surveys after we have completed a repair (average of 322 responses each month), closed a complaint (average of 13 responses each month) or have closed an investigation into anti-social behaviour (between 7 and 35 responses each month).

Regenda’s Board

The Regenda Board consists of 11 members and includes the Group Chief Executive. The parent Board is supported by two sub-committees – Risk and Audit and Nominations and Rumination.

What are the demographics of Regenda’s Board?

45% of our Board members are women
0% are BAME
9% consider themselves to have a disability

The average age of the Board is 55

Most Board members sit on Regenda’s Board for five years (the maximum tenure for a Board member is nine years)

Does Regenda pay the Real Living Wage?

Yes, we pay Real Living Wage for roles excluding apprentices. We are currently looking into Real Living Wage accreditation.
regenda group day out at the boat race

As part of our £13.6m social value output, we generated £565,900 through employee wellbeing activities.

These included:

Mental health and wellbeing

Partnering with mental health charity, Chasing the Stigma, to provide all staff with Ambassadors of Hope training, focussing on mental health and wellbeing.

Do Good Feel Good programmes

Through our Do Good Feel Good programme, 12 employees attended a Coping through Comedy workshop, supporting positive mental health and wellbeing.

Bitesize training sessions

33 employees attended bitesize training sessions throughout 2020/21.

Our response to COVID-19

As the country entered a national lockdown in late March 2020, we moved quickly ensure we could safely deliver the services that were important to our customers, while adhering to the guidelines put in place by the government to keep people safe. And while protecting our services was vital, we wanted to make sure we were doing everything we could to support our customers, tackle social isolation and increase wellbeing at a difficult time.
The number of welfare calls made to vulnerable residents between April and June 2020.
We gave out over 1,000 food hampers to residents across the North West and distributed tenancy sustainability packs, containing kitchen essentials, bedding and furniture. We also gave out baby essential packs for new-born babies and mums at our young parent scheme.
We supported 165 Regenda Homes residents into employment and training.
We are continuing to develop Environmental, Social and Governance with The Regenda Group and this report will evolve as further strategies and processes are introduced.
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