Annual Report 2020/21

Regenda Homes and Redwing


2020 has been an incredibly difficult year for many of us. At Regenda, we focused upon ensuring our customers and staff were kept as safe as possible, whilst still providing critical services, such as gas safety checks and emergency repairs.

However, some of our services were put on hold as the Government put in place safety measures and asked people to stay at home.


Homes are owned by Regenda Homes and Redwing across the North West
Of these 12,981 homes, 9,262 are general needs affordable and social rent properties. We manage 899 supported housing properties for residents who need additional support to live independently, including homes for young parents and care leavers.

We have 72 homes at our Extra Care scheme in Fleetwood, where residents aged over 55 who have a care and support need can live independently, with care staff on site 24 hours a day 365 days a year.

We have 949 houses for older people, including independent accommodation with shared communal spaces and bungalows for those aged over 55 and in receipt of certain benefits or aged over 60.

Redwing manages 1,120 shared ownership properties and 205 market rent homes.


Of homes meet Decent Homes Standard
We aim to keep all of our properties to the standards set out in the Government guidance for Decent Homes. However, we recognise that the needs of our residents mean that we sometimes need to improve on the minimum standard to ensure homes are fit for purpose.


Homes sold or demolished in 2020/21
21 homes were sold through the Right to Buy or Right to Acquire scheme. 22 homes were demolished as part of our regeneration agenda.


Homes to despite restrictions, we let 932 homes in 2020/21
689 residents ended their tenancy with us.

32 days

The average time it took to let a property in 2020/21
Our target was 46 days. This was higher than previous years due to Covid-19 restrictions, as we were unable to let homes in April and May 2020. This had an impact on the average number of days it took to let a property.

Repairs and improvements

In April 2020, we paused all non-urgent repairs in line with Government guidance and only attended emergency appointments. We also continued to carry out all safety checks, such as gas servicing and electrical appointments. Non-urgent repairs restarted in June 2020, and we were able to carry out all repair requests once again.

In August 2020, Regenda Homes launched an online repairs reporting tool, which allowed residents to report non-urgent repairs for their property and communal areas 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.
repairs were completed
in 2020/21
0 %
of emergency repairs were
completed within 4 hours
0 %
of routine repairs were
completed in 20 days
0 %
of properties had a valid
gas safety certificate
0 %
of residents were satisfied with their
repairs and maintenance service
0 %
of residents were satisfied with
the quality of their home
£ 0 m
was invested into improving
homes in 2020/21


In April 2020, we closed construction sites across the North West, in line with Government guidelines to prevent the spread of Covid-19. Our sites reopened in May 2020, and work continued on the build of affordable homes for rent and shared ownership in Liverpool, Cheshire and Lancashire.

In 2020/21 we built 0 new homes

Lighthouse View

In November 2020, we launched Lighthouse View, our first ever Extra Care scheme. Located on Chatsworth Avenue, Fleetwood, Lighthouse View provides 72 homes for 85 residents who are aged over 55 and have a care or support need.

Care Leavers Scheme

In July 2020, we launched two new care leavers schemes in Wirral, bringing the number of schemes we manage to three. Our care leavers schemes provide a flexible support system to 11 young people aged 16 to 18, who have recently left care.


We do everything we can to provide the services you want to a high standard but we understand that we don’t always get it right. We welcome your feedback, good or bad, and we use it to make improvements to our services. We want to learn from our mistakes to make sure we don’t repeat them and that we deliver high quality services first time, every time.      

complaints received in 2020/21
0 %
We responded to 77% of Stage 1
complaints within our target of 10 days
0 %
of complaints were resolved
at First Time Resolution
complaints were
escalated to Stage 1
Stage 1 complaints were
escalated to Stage 2
0 %
of customers were happy with how
we handled their complaint
compliments received in 2020/21

You said.
We did.

Your feedback is vital to help us understand where we have gone wrong and how we can improve our services.  In 2020/21, you made a number of suggestions on how we could improve our services:


We have reviewed our compensation policy to ensure our staff are empowered to make a compensation payment if they feel that it is appropriate. 

Our policy is based on Housing Ombudsman Service guidance, and places clear emphasis on compensation being part of the resolution, along with an apology and actions for learning.


0 %
of residents are satisfied with their
neighbourhood as a place to live
complaints of anti-social
behaviour where received in 2020/21
0 %
of residents were satisfied with how we dealt with their anti-social behaviour complaint

Your rent

Like the rest of the UK, Covid-19 restrictions had a huge impact on our residents. We did everything we could to support our residents and protect the services that were important to them. Our Financial Inclusion Team worked tirelessly to make sure residents were claiming everything they were entitled to, and provided budgeting advice and signposting when requested.

In 2020/21, 2.23% of Regenda Homes residents were in rent arrears, owing £1.1 million.

We collected 100% of rent in 2020/21

Just over 1% of residents terminated their tenancy while in arrears, owing £550,000.

Value for money

For every £1 you pay in rent, this is how we spend it:
  • 17p - day-to-day repairs
  • 17p - planned works, such as repainting and gas servicing
  • 17p - equipment replacement charge. This is charges for the replacement of any ‘capital’ items or the installation of new capital items which are not paid for in the rent. Capital items could include boiler replacements or the replacement of communal furniture. This cost is spread over a number of years
  • 20p - management costs such as offices, staffing and delivering services
  • 10p - service charges, such as grounds maintenance, caretaking and communal lighting and heating
  • 7p - other social housing activity such as supporting people contracts and development services (delete management as we say we spend 21p on that)
  • 13p - other non-social housing activity, such as lettings homes for private rent or managing shared ownership schemes.
0 %
of residents think the rent that they
pay is good value for money
£ 0
Our Financial Inclusion Team secured £2,100,000 for 1,634
Regenda Homes residents in additional benefits and grants

We supported 165 Regenda Homes residents into training and employment in 2020/21 

Financial statements

To view our full financial statements


2020 has been an incredibly difficult year for many of us. At Regenda, we focused upon ensuring our customers and staff were kept as safe as possible, whilst still providing critical services, such as gas safety checks and emergency repairs.  

However, some of our services were put on hold as the Government put in place safety measures and asked people to stay at home. 

Throughout the pandemic, our customers have been understanding of the position and have appreciated the challenges that we have faced in trying to keep services going in such unparalleled circumstances. I know that sometimes customers have had to be patient as services have taken longer whilst we’ve tried to keep everyone safe.  

As I’m sure you are aware, many of our staff were required to work from home and had to juggle work and caring responsibilities, self-isolation and shielding, just like the rest of the nation. But through it all, they continued to put our residents at the heart of everything they did. They made hundreds of phone calls to our most vulnerable residents, handed out care packages, provided financial advice and support and were at the end of the phone to provide a listening ear. And for that, I am incredibly proud of the Regenda team. I would also like to express my sincere thanks to you, our residents, who have shown patience and understanding while we navigated our way through new ways of working. We may not always have got it right, and we appreciate you letting us know ways we can do better. We will use your feedback to improve what we do.  

This year’s Annual Report will tell you about our performance in 2020/21 and about the little things that made a big difference. As always, we really value your view. If you have any comments about this report, please email  

Very best wishes 

Michael Birkett   

CEO, The Regenda Group 

We spent £8.3 million on day-to-day repairs in 2020/21, such as plumbing, plastering and non-urgent electrical works.

We aim to carry out 95% of all emergency repairs within 4 hours.

In order to meet our target, we are investing to enable early identification of repairs so that they are correctly defined and allocated. We are also increasing resources in areas where we have experienced peak demand.

We aim to carry out 85% of routine repairs within 20 days.

Due to Covid-19 restrictions and guidance around self-isolation, we increased our target from 20 days to 60 days. This was in recognition of the difficulties we faced in completing non-urgent repairs in 2020/21. We have recruited additional staff to meet demand and reduce the number of days taken for a first appointment. 

Our target is for 100% of our properties to have an up-to-date gas safety certificate. It is vital that you allow our staff access to carry out gas safety checks. This not only keeps you and your household safe, but also protects your neighbours and visitors.

Poor communication is the main cause of dissatisfaction around repairs and maintenance. To improve our repairs and maintenance service, we are introducing new systems which will support better communication.

Our target is for 87% of residents to be satisfied with the quality of their home. To meet our target, we are investing over  £20 million in our properties in 2021/22. This includes:

  • Over £3 million on improving energy efficiency and thermal performance
  • £3 million on ensuring all blocks are safe and secure
  • £4 million on routine repairs
  • £2.5 million on gas safety and electrical checks
  • £2 million on replacing components in our homes, such as windows, boilers and roofs.

We spent £7.9 million on planned works, including improving the energy efficiency of homes and installed:

  • External Wall Insulation to 52 homes 
  • 213 new roofs 
  • 80 new kitchens and bathrooms 
  • 194 new windows 

We took handover of 82 homes for affordable and social rent and 42 homes for shared ownership. New homes included: 

  • Two new care leaver schemes, containing seven apartments for young people leaving care
  • A 72 apartment Extra Care scheme in Fleetwood for residents over 55 who have a care or support need
  • Six 1 bedroom apartments for affordable rent and eight 3 bedroom houses for shared ownership in Macclesfield


Despite having to close construction sites, work continued at Marine View, our 16 unit apartment block in Fleetwood. We expect this to complete in November 2021.

Lighthouse View

In November 2020, we launched Lighthouse View, our first ever Extra Care scheme. Located on Chatsworth Avenue, Fleetwood, Lighthouse View provides 72 homes for 85 residents who are aged over 55 and have a care or support need.  

It has been designed to provide a safe, welcoming, friendly and comfortable environment in a central location with support available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. 

Benefitting from an onsite restaurant, Lighthouse View also boasts a hair salon and therapy rooms, large gardens with outdoor gym, assisted bathing options and beautiful lounges with regular social activities.  

Meet our residents...

Meet Sooty – Sooty and his owners, 80 year old Brian and Brian’s 48 year old son Mark moved into Lighthouse View when it opened last year.  

Mark has complex needs and he and his dad lived in a rural location and were very socially isolated.  

Brian’s daughter, who cares for them and works full time, was worried about the long term future for her dad and brother. Brian missed seeing his 83 year old brother, Arthur, the only surviving sibling out of 11 brothers and sisters. Brian and Arthur had been unable to see each other in 2020 due to lockdown restrictions in place. 

We were delighted to welcome Brian, Mark and Sooty into their new home, with all of their care and support needs met by our dedicated team. Not only that, but Arthur also has his own apartment in Lighthouse View too – on the same floor as Brian and Mark! 

Care Leavers Scheme

In July 2020, we launched two new care leavers schemes in Wirral, bringing the number of schemes we manage to three.  Our care leavers schemes provide a flexible support system to 11 young people aged 16 to 18, who have recently left care. 

Each scheme is managed by dedicated support staff, who are on site 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, as they prepare the young people to live independently. 

“From the moment I arrived here, the staff have taken a genuine interest in my life both inside and outside of the home.

Young Care Leaver

From the moment I arrived here, the staff have taken a genuine interest in my life both inside and outside of the home. They really helped me to settle in, giving me space to relax and be myself.  

 The level of support is ideal for young people who are focused on becoming independent; staff help with day-to-day tasks such as cooking and cleaning, but encourage us to work things out for ourselves.  

Weekly support sessions help us get the most out of our time and there’s always someone to talk to if needed.  Compared to other places I’ve lived in, this is by far the most comfortable and happy I’ve been in a home.  

 Young care leaver 

Of those 642 complaints, 581 were resolved when we were first made aware there was an issue. 58 were escalated to Stage 1 and a further three were escalated to Stage 2. 

63% of complaints were due to not meeting customer expectations, failure to deal with repairs or lack of communication. 

This is likely to be impacted by Covid-19, with appointments needing to be changed at short notice and repairs taking longer than usual. Other common themes identified included dissatisfaction with staff attitude and behaviour and dissatisfaction with decisions made. 

Our target is to respond to 80% of Stage 1 complaints within 10 days. 

Our target is 80%.  When we receive your complaint, we will aim to resolve it when you first tell us that you are unhappy with our service; this is referred to as a First Time Resolution. We aim to respond to you within 5 working days and provide a resolution to your complaint. 

This will be either by the person taking the complaint from you or it may be passed to the relevant team for specialist advice. 

Our target is 80%. We are committed to improving satisfaction with complaints and have established new ways of working to improve satisfaction rates and the way we communicate with our residents.

From 2021, an external company will carry out complaints satisfaction surveys and we will analyse the results each month, with improvements being identified and actioned. We are also providing additional complaints training to all staff.

Our target is 84%.  Estate walkabouts were paused in March 2020 due to restrictions in place relating to Covid-19. We have now reintroduced walkabouts, with dates and times advertised on our website and residents encouraged to join staff to identify any issues in the local area. 

We have also recruited additional mystery shoppers to provide feedback on neighbourhoods. To find out more about becoming a mystery shopper, visit: Mystery Shoppers | Regenda 

We extended what was classed as anti-social behaviour, and dealt with complaints relating to untidy gardens, minor noise complaints, pets and animal nuisance and vandalism. We also received complaints regarding breaches of Covid-19 restrictions. 

Our target is 80%  

Residents have told us we could do more to keep them informed on the progress of their case. We have listened and have made a number of changes to improve this, with managers reviewing performance on a monthly basis. 

Of the £2.1 million: 

  • £809,000 was in Universal Credit awards 
  • £742,000 was in Housing Benefit awards 
  • £277,000 was in disability and sickness benefits 
  • £26,000 was in state pension and pension credit awards 
  • £156,000 was awarded towards Council Tax Support 
  • £95,668 was given through discretionary housing payments (DHPs) to 110 residents. DHPs are extra payments made by the Local Authority and can be used to clear rent arrears or provide additional income to Universal Credit claimants 

We also secured grants of £100,000. 

Here’s one resident we supported in 2020/21: 

“I am writing to say how amazing Lee has been in sorting out my very worrying financial issues and problems. I was very, very wary about accepting any form of support, partly because of my own pride but equally and more importantly because of abuse experienced in the past. 

Lee built up my trust and has been truly fundamental in helping me to rebuild my life. I am sure that, without his support and knowledge, I could easily have lost my home and certainly would not be in a position to be able to enjoy my new downsized house and look forward to a brighter future. 

Words cannot express how much gratitude I have. Lee supported me without making me feel inadequate or stupid. I was extremely concerned and very doubtful he could help me. Those fears though, over the last few months, have been completely washed away.” 

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